(Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin)

Book by author Neil Zawacki

'Are you evil' quiz?

Do you have what it takes to be deeply and disturbingly evil? Complete this quick quiz to find out.

Created by Neil Zawacki

1) How do you start your morning?

a) Rise at six, shower while humming a chipper tune

b) Perform  vigorous knee bends and enjoy a bracing five-mile jog before work.

c) Hit the snooze alarm until hopelessely late for work

d) Sip a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, plot the downfall of civilization


2) Which of the following best describes your talents?

a) People person

b) manager

c) multi-tasker

d) snake charmer


3) What did you want to be when you grew up?

a) Police Officer

b) Doctor

c) Vetrenarian

d) Supreme dark overlord of all mankind, or a lawyer


4) Do you have any pets?

a) Puppy

b) bird

c) iguana

d) an aquarium filled with piranahas, electric eels, and sharks.


5) How do you normally spend your weekends?

a) Hiking mountain trails

b)Watching television

c) Hanging out with friends

d) Constructing doosday devices in the basement, or raising up a demon army from Hell


6) What torments you in your worst nightmares?

a) A fiery building from whence I cannot escape

b) Monsters with huge teeth

c) Vengeful ex-lovers

d) Unicorns, rainbows, and puppy dogs with soulful eyes


7) What are your religious beliefs?

a) Christian, Jewish, Muslim

b)Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan

c)Athiest or Agnostic

d) I am actually an Ancient Babylonian god/goddess awaken from a terrible sleep


8) What would you say is the greatest threat in society today?

a) Crime, drugs, and gangs

b) Multinational corporations

c) Nuclear war and pollution

d) Me


9) What is your reaction when confronted by a crucifix or holy water?

a) Feel the divine light surround your spiritual aura

b) Contemplate how far civilization has come

c) Chuckle at their ridiculous superstitious beliefs

d) Run away while screaming "--IT BURNS, IT BURNS!!!"


10) It's the end of the world. An atomic blast has just leveled the cities and destroyed the human race. Mutants walk the streets and the seas have boiled away to nothing, you are the only one to have survived. Civilization as you know it is now over. What do you do?

a) Vow to someday rebuild society

b) Double over in grief and wait for a merciful death

c) Try to remember the plot to 'The Road Warrior'

d) Congratulate yourself on a job well done



Tally up your answers by counting the number of times each letter was connected to your responses.


Mostly As, Bs, or Cs: Unfortunatley you do not possess the necessary qualities to be a supervillian. Please continue exploring your inner evil and try again next year.

Mostly Ds: Excellent. You are predestined to menace society.

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