(Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin)

Decide our fate!


     Bare with me kiddies, here are some symbols I drew to represent us--they aren't colored, mostly because I figured a.) it would save busy lil' me some elbow grease, and b.) I'd like some imput on coloring, style direction-etc. I don't want to make this far too girly or masculine-a nice evil medium as this will be posted somewhere on all members imvu homepages--especially for everyone who is above the Thug rank. For thugs, baring our symbol for C.H.A.O.S is strictly optional--but just remember, that everything counts. If either myself, Mana, Stephen, or Xenos see you have it on your page--it will score points, or secure your position without harming it. Let me know what you think, if they suck..don't be afraid to let me know--my mighty ego might blind me to seeing the crap before me. Also suggest colors and such--any comments will be appreciated, as you should care--not only does this represent our family, your family--but also..do you really want to be forced to keeping an ugly sticker or picture on your homepage? Which reminds me also...one last thing, image to add to your homepage--which is easy enough, if you have questions on how to do that let me know--or should it be a sticker? Pictures will reduce the chance of having random people put our symbol on their page...let me know!!


Symbol 1)

Symbol 2)

Symbol 3)


So...which will it be? (and sorry about the first comment box--your messages were great, I miss them -_- it was deleted, so here we go...a new one, yay!!)



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