(Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin)

Members of C.H.A.O.S



-Crime Boss/Kingpin-

Name: Proffesor Plentia Gore/DrTwitcheS

Age: 21

Skills and Powers: As head brains and boss of the organization C.H.A.O.S (Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin). The proffessor is responsible for the final examination and the hiring process of her family. With an exquisite brain capacity and phenomenal IQ that could make Einstein look like an imbecile, she bares a mild form of telekinesis and telepathy--the IQ is the basis that her new parts make her seems a computer, a powerhouse of information. In her eyes, one can see in their brilliant shamrock green depths...computer code and numbers. Besides her ever faithful family members to guard and protect her, she also holds beneath her power and rule, a robot army and her own space station--her computer enterface allows her to easily locate and download files on every subject known to exist making her skills virtually endless, need to know how to fire, load and clean a gun--load it up, need to know how to fly a plane, load it up.

Crime History: Born and raised in Moscow, Russia--she heard the tales growing up of her Grandfathers exploits--how the USSR raced with the United States during the Cold War, trying to see who might reach space first. Though the U.S.A made it first to land upon the moon, it was Russia who initially reached Space first!! Might it have been the cold, barren, hostile wintery environment of Moscow that put the blackened chill in young Plentias heart? As she progressed through school, her parents noticed she excelled quicker then most students--where she finally graduated high school and began college at 13. Studying as a nuclear physicist, only to be awarded her P.H.D and completing her teaching credentials as a Professor. She moved from her beloved Moscow in 2002, moving her work too the United States, promising to return to Russia with love and wealth to give to her people, no matter what the cost. Running her army on nuclear energy, she held the Whitehouse under her jurisdiction during the occupance of Clinton. This event was marked from the books, kept quiet by the FBI--but the takeover lasted a matter of weeks before she disappeared without a trace, leaving only her metallic animatronic creations behind her--she was unsatisfied with the outcome, and decided one mastermind was not enough--so partially in her pursuit, she also began the prosthetics and metal aloid parts for a robotic shell beneath her skin, acting as armor. Then in August of 2006, she formed the organization of criminal masterminds, and diabolical villains- C.H.A.O.S. Wherein she welcomed her first aboard and second in command, StephenTSL.


         Some time after the White House incident, Plentia was sitting alone in her steely cold steel fortress staring mindlessely at the work before her, the army of robots that had kept her company--though they were helpful in many ways they couldn't show emotions, and would not carry on conversations--rather they would only act on command. So it was that she started on her greatest achievement yet--creating a sister of her own blood, mind, bones, and life--an unofficial friend--a part of her, a being of her own soul and heart, sibling and demented twin. She named her creation ManaDix; much later though, something happened--the robots had been traced by the FBI at the White House and located  their manufacturing to her Fortress. Plentia hid Mana away and left, leading the FBI off on another path--she did not wish too lose her--both were un-discovered. A year later after Plentia thought Mana was lost...Little Dix  returned to re-unite with her sister, joining now as a diabolical duo to run the syndicate, C.H.A.O.S would never be the same again.



            On November 10th 2006, while the Professors sister ManaDix was on Holiday. ProffesorPlentiaGore was assaulted and fired on by the armed security forces of her arch nemesis, General Vanguard. Escaping down into her underground labs with her newest creation and assistant, Melissa Wynters; she set out too make a quick but well planned escape. The two knew what needed to be done—Melissa knew her purpose, why she was created and she was ready and willing to perform as instructed, after all she had been given life. Knowing this day would come, the good Prof was prepared. With the help of Dr. Ian Grady- the Prof and the good Miss Melissa underwent the S.W.A.P process, where they switched brains—thusly the great mind of the Prof. was preserved in a body that wouldn’t be serving more then a few months opposed to life imprisonment. Serving her sentence, “Melissa Wynters” the Prof, emerged-but under a different name…Dr. TwitcheS, even more elusive and Psychotic then ever before.



-Crime Boss/Kingpin-




Mana Dix  (Her sister/creator calls her Little Dix)


Age: 19


Skills and Powers:


Like her big sister, she has various amounts of telekinesis levels. 
Her levels are emotionally based and the power will truly 
depend on her mood and current state of mind.  She knows 
nothing of right or wrong, she only knows what her big 
sister/creator put into her mind. She can use her “psychic power” 
to project memories in an opponent. The effects of this mainly will 
cause physical pain (think very painful Charlie horses) that tend to stun 
the opponent till they fall. Or she will use reverse astral projection 
and cause their own spirits/minds to be sent off into another 
dimension and plain, but will cause a block in the return, 
leaving their body useless and dead (a body cannot function 
w/out the mind). Mana may also grow long talons and 
slash across anyone’s bodies, not leaving physical evidence 
but their eternal organs will be cauterized on instant. 



Crime History:


She was never born into this world; simply created, Created by the hands of Professor Plentia Gore. Not by robot parts, but by real living objects. From organs, blood, even veins. She was given a brain and given life. From the very first breath, she had been very devoted to her sister and her needs. Like a body and a mind, the mind cannot live without the body…visa versa. This is how Mana was; she could not live without her mentor, creator, master….sister.


She knew nothing of right or wrong.  She did as she pleased, doing nothing but what pleasured her. She often went after small children to torture and play; often because they smelled to her…. She also went after the beings her sister asked for. Playing the little ‘messenger’, when she shows up to deliver a message from Plentia, 99% of the time it was not good. 


Despite being given everything to sustain life, Mana was not given the ability to feel most emotions. So when the robots came after her sister, she was sent away. She did not understand the principle of the matter. After half a year of being hidden, Mana began to lose a little bit of the mind she had been given. With break downs causing her brain to fumble…just a tad, she went clinically insane. Though not openly insane, only the random and short emotional break outs trigger this insanity. She even believed she was forgotten and replaced. With this mind set, she sent herself out to search for her sister and destroy whoever had replaced her.


What she found…shocked her. Her sister had not replaced her; instead she was welcomed with sisterly “love”. Being reunited with Plentia, she was put to her side as ruling partner and sister of her syndicate.



Little Dix was…finally happy…


-1st Chief Advisor-



Real Name: Unknown


Alias: Death


Crimes and History: Little is known about the mysterious entity known only by officials as Death, a name appropriate for the

man who upon speculation is said to have murdered over fifty people or more in his known criminal lifetime. Amongst his exploits

‘Death’ has also been held accountable for stealing untold amounts of Gold, and other trinkets of various high end value to be

laundered and sold upon the black market. As a man who wears many faces, who has been many different people in his

lifetime—being a shape shifter makes him damn near impossible to trace, which means that Death will only make himself

known to those he chooses to be seen by. 


Age: Unknown, but appears to be around 26 


Skills: Death excels in many different attributes, but his greatest claim to fame—his crimes could only be complimented

by his uncanny stealth and speed, and even then Death always has a few tricks hidden up his sleeves, two ways to put it

would be 'Too not under estimate him' and 'and to assume nothing'. 


Race:  Shape Shifter






-Crime Lord/Chief Advisor

(second in command)-2nd Chief Advisor

Name :
Age :
Existed inifnitely since he manifested
Skills & Powers :
Armed with his fiery aura, he strikes fear into the hearts of his victims with his mind warping ability. Zapping and draining their energies and make it his own, satisfying his everlasting lust for power and domination. A fleet of dragons were formed out of his passion for collecting strong fearful creatures. Which will be summoned when the situation requires great numbers.
Crime History :
While every living being goes about their daily lives, their hidden emotions are being released through a vortex into one dark corner of the universe. The conglomeration of such powerful nature resulted in the unexplained birth of this fearful being. Starting out as a wanderer, he had travelled through time and space in search for his purpose of existence, just to realise that the search for truth begets more darkness as he went deeper. The endless exploration of knowledge and constant feeding of darkness gave him a strong sense of power which he enjoyed. He is unstoppable since then. Acting out of his instinct for power, he had commanded a large fleet of dark creatures, wiping out beings that get in his way causing mayhem everywhere he goes. In the midst of his dimensional trips and conquest, he chanced upon ProffesorPlentiaGore who shares the same ambition for world domination. And hence the deadly pact is made... 
(Second rank of command-Crime Lord)
name: The unknown Xenos Kaiser
age: not apparent
skills & powers: Has the power too summon animals to aid in his dark conquests when needed for re-inforcements to even the odds, or to simply overwhelm his enemies into submission. As a force of Nature, one to be reckoned with--he also has been granted the ability to use the elements of the earth--earth, wind, fire, and water--also granted showers of acid rain. His energy and lifeforce is renewed by devouring the souls of the living. 
crime history:
The histroy of this so-called man or creature is still unknown, and may be unknown for some time, making him even more dangerous and un-predictable..


Name: Vincent Mangor


Alias: Toymaker


Age: Appears to be in his late twenties—but he was said to have been spotted walking the streets of the ‘White Chapel’ district of London in the year 1852, and again in 1921


Height: 6’2


Weight: 195


Powers and skills: Strength, Hypnotism, being elusive and non-existent, silent only when speech is necessary, patience, a master of disguise, intelligent.


Flaws and weaknesses: Madness, Absinthe, Bach and Mozart.


Criminal History: (read the page for Toymaker for the in depth, more grisly tale of intrigue) short version: It was not Vincents Alcoholic mother nor his non existent Father figure that set him up for his break down. Even his madness hadn’t blossomed at the escalated abuse of his Mother, no it was something else. In fact it came at a time when Vincent was 13—when he started noticing girls...more. Vincents madness set him apart from the other school children, many feared him, many thought to spit on and berate him, but often none were so cruel in those days as most of the girls that attended his school.  So it was—though much to his disliking that when he came of age and finally did something about those vile black hearted girls, that he was dubbed ‘Toymaker’ by local police authorities after his vicious and often unusual methods of killing his victims. When Vincent realized he held not the power too make a person that is ugly inside, beautiful; he switched to the only method he knew could work. Fascinated with Dolls as a child, he found them beautiful but they never ridiculed him like the other girls had. So, using his Dolls as inspiration, Vincent killed each and every one of those girls granting them new life as a soulless mechanized creation to fit his museum. In more simple words Vincent ‘Toymaker’ Mangor is a Murderer, an artist in the means of fleshcraft, and a Doll maker.




Name: Wongedan

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Skills and Powers:

- Hand to hand combat mastery

- Blade mastery

- Illusion mastery

- Mental manipulation mastery

- Third eye, seeing through the space and time


A total individualist and creativist, a true talented genius.

Crime History:

As a parentless child, he was found and delivered to the very door of a Tibetan monk guru in the depth of Himalaya. A mask was attached to his face and no one has ever been able to release it for unknown reasons. Realizing his talent, he was raised by extensive mind and body trainings through years of meditation and skillful blade mastery. Early at his teenage years, he couldn't resist the aching pain of darkness struggling to free inside his heart. This pain grew even more powerful as he went through his teenage years. Not until later he went to a journey to find the cure of his pain, the answer of his real identity and the power of powers.

He had to leave for a journey of uncertainties, a beginning has to come to an end. He had to leave his beloved guru to fulfill his journey. The end itself led him to a new beginning.

In his journey, he kept finding himself attracting each and every single living dark force wanting to pull him more into the realm of darkness. Are these merciless events connected to the pain he has been feeling? Will he find the answer of the forever attaching mask on his face? In order to keep his sanity remains, he needs to remain alert during the night when the dark force attacks and rest during the day. All along the way, he had mastered the dark skills of illusion and mental manipulation in order to survive his battles. Unknown to him of how did he learn his skills, he kept reminding himself that the nature itself was his teacher and the great giver of all.

Until recently, he arrived at the United States of America and met two acquaintance that shares the same fate as his. ProffesorPlentiaGore and StephenTSL were the two who possess the given power of the darkness itself. Faithful to his fate and new to the world of darkness, he let ProffesorPlentiaGore to adopt him as her very own disciple. With the hope of finding the true essence of darkness and his real identity, the three of them formed CHAOS.



Name: Arachinidia

age: N/A

Skills and Powers:  Arachinidia is a difficult entity to pin down.  She
seems to shed her body more often than a snake sheds its skin, always
demonstrating new and different capacities with each incarnation.  The
constants are her elevated verbosity and grim humor.  She has
demonstrated a
remarkable capacity in the fields of technology and biochemistry as
well as
an unrivaled passion for the arts, but her true strength appears to lie
the power of her words.

Crime History:  Hailing from origins unknown, little is known about
Arachinidia's past.  There are rumors of someone fitting her
pulling strings from the shadows and causing individuals to simply
as far back as Babylonian times, but all remain unconfirmed.  Recent
sightings of this elusive being include World Trade Center security
from early September of 2001, reported eyewitness accounts outside
electronic poll repositories during November of 2004, and discoveries
numerous mysteriously vanishing husks (believed to be her cast off
in heavy-security laboratories around the world.

Current intelligence reports suggests that Arachinidia is now working
way up the ranks in the secretive C.H.A.O.S. organization, though even
great deal of the members have no knowledge of her presence among them.

Her motives, resources, and identity remain as elusive as her victims'


 Name: vampire in hell

age: appears in his twenties, but is far far older then he looks.

skills and powers: He is a silent assasin, and stealthy hunter--able to track his prey with keen eyes, sensitive, acute hearing and smell--even beating the strength of a dogs sense of smell. As immortally damned for eternity, Vamps knowledge and deep rooted study of the occult and Satanic verses has allowed him to make ties with Lucifer--granting him powers that go beyond reason--one among many would be his will to conjure up the very fire, as well as demons to serve him and slay his enemies from out his path. His bite is not like that of a normal vampire, when willed--jaw relaxed, he can administer a poisonous toxin that by depending on the dose, can paralyze or even kill his victim.  Every death dealt upon the heads of the fallen,  split away in shattered peices leaving the body and soul-- he takes the soul and blood away from the victim as nourishment and increased energy and power. 

Criminal History: Little is known about this curiously enticing individual--he is a mysterious enigma, appearing just as easily as he dissapears leaving nothing but a smoldering trace. He is all as legend dictates and more--a vampire yes, but one of the more powerful sort. Though born many centuries ago, he grew tired of life and slept a sleep of eternal undeath--his body dead though his brain operating like a bear in hibernation--the body and mind filled itself fat with life with astrial projection, stealing the psychic energy from a sleeping person. It wasn't until 30 or so years that he was pulled from his sleep, waken to find a new world to explore..much much different from the last one.


-Personal Bodyguards-

Name: Sniper

Age: 24 

Skills and Powers:  Mastered in many forms of Jutsu, The art of Ninpo (often referred to as “the higher order of Ninjutsu.”) Kenjutsu

(sword combat), Unshinjutsu (the art of being invisible), Ankokutostoshijutsu (ways to see in the dark),

Koppojutsu (art of bone breaking) and Kuji-in (ninja magic/hand signs).

Crime History: Member of Shi-Ku also known as “The Seven Deadly Sins”, they slaughtered clan after clan conquering half of Japan. They were the most feared group of assassins in Japan, people often referred to them as “blood-thirsty monsters”. Lord after Lord sent there best armies to kill them but none had succeeded. During their venture Shi-Ku came upon Nagamoto’s clan, which gave them a hard time. Nagamoto’s clan consisted of 250,000 men and half were made up of clans that Shi-ku had defeated. Months of struggle to defeat Nagamoto and his clan, shi-ku managed to defeat half of his clan in a battle, only unbeknown to them nagamoto had a second army awaiting his call. During the battle, shi-ku was ambushed by the second army of nagamoto, which resulted in the deaths of 6 members of Shi-ku. Sniper being the last member left and badly wounded, she had no choice but to flee and vanished without a trace. She wandered the world hiding her identity and her being  from others, then one day she came upon ProfessorPlentiaGore who offered her an offer she couldn’t refuse, thus this giving her a second chance to finally get her revenge.. 

(Sniper is also the Proffesors personal Bodyguard, an Honor behest only by certain members of C.H.A.O.S ranking in the Henchmen and Assasins level, rising in rank too Personal Bodyguard, only one other bares this mantle and serves the second in command StephenTSL, Markstone, ManaDix, or Moorchild.)



-Contract Killers, Bounty Hunters,

 and Assasins-


NAME: Zeek Ceribrus

AGE: 19
RACE: Demonic Feline
SKILLS&POWERS:  As an experienced Ninja, Zeek possesses masterful skills of stealth and assassination. He knows many forbidden arts of
dark magic and employs anything he needs to succeed. Enjoying his work, he takes delight in all aspects of his professionBe it he needs infiltrate
an enemy organization or sneaking past defenses to silence a foe, nothing brings him more pleasure than seeing his jobs done. As he prefers to
strike with stealth and cunning, rarely does he confront his foes directly. However, if he must he is well prepared as he can draw fiends from the
nether voids to aid him. There departure isn't under his control however.
CRIMINAL HISTORY; As a younger child, Zeek loved fantasy movies and novels. All his life he dreamed of possessing powers and gifts to
use for his amusement. Late in his teen years he began toying with dark arts and sorcery, hoping to find a way to gain some measure of power.
While researching his interest, Zeek ran into a man who said he could teach Zeek what he wanted to learn. Unfortunately, this man was seeking
a willing sacrifice, not a student. He tricked Zeek to sacrifice himself to the Nether Void, a place of utter chaos and torment. Spending an eternity
there, Zeek managed fight his way to remain alive. Wrenching powers away from lesser fiends of the Void and build his own strength, he finally
managed to re-enter the mortal realm. As he emerged, Zeek realized hardly any time had passed in this world, as his betrayer still stood where he
sacrificed Zeek. Controlled by rage and fueled by the powers he gained from the Nether Void, Zeek tore his betrayer to pieces bare handed.
Standing in the remains, Zeek caught a glimpse of his reflection in a window. The taking the powers of fiends into him had made Zeek into a fiend himself.
     Zeek then wondered, lost in a world not needing him to fight for his life everyday. He kept himself hidden and quickly learned the arts of stealth. 
He began hiring himself out as a Ninja spy and assassin, trying to find a spot in life for himself. This lasted till he was discovered by C.H.A.O.S..
The group saw Zeek for what he was and gladly accepted him in, putting his skills and powers to use. Now Zeek cares for nothing but his new
family, gladly doing anything to further there goals.
ENTERING C.H.A.O.S.: Zeek wondered alone for a long time searching for a reason to live. In his journeys he came upon a man that not only noticed
Zeek, but accepted him as well. Entering into friendship, Zeek found that he may not be truly alone after all. As time passed and Zeek found himself
harder and harder to hide, he realized he was being sought out for some reason. Approaching his companion, Zeek discovered the man to be an agent
working for an organization known as C.H.A.O.S.. As his past still haunted him, Zeek feared trusting anyone completely, especial an organization.
With time Zeek began to contemplate meeting these agents of C.H.A.O.S., only to discover that he was also in the sites of another group. Knowing
that the only way they could have known of his existence was his companion, Zeek felt betrayed and lost trust in in so called friend. Once more in
solitude, Zeek hid himself away hoping to escape his pursuers. While resting one day he was startled to find he wasn't alone, that someone had
actually found him and managed to sneak up on him. It was a women by the title DrTwiches, and she made Zeek an offer he found most intriguing.
As the leader of Chaos, she welcomed him into her organization on one condition. She somehow knew Zeek held the knowledge of a traitor to
C.H.A.O.S. and wanted his name. Having no more love of his former companion, Zeek gladly divulged the information and secured his place in the
house of C.H.A.O.S



Name: FrostBite/sweetpixiepowder


Age:  unknown


Skills/Powers:  FrostBite has ice powers.  When she bites her victim they would turn into ice.  Her icy cold stare freeze her

victim on the spot.  Her stare do not turn them into ice but it paralyzes them.  FrostBite is master in archery.  If she can’t get

you with her ice power or bite you, her arrows will. 


Criminal History:   Who is FrostBite?  She is like a vampire but her victims do turn into a vampire but into ice.  No one knows

where FrostBite came from.  Some say that she was created in lab and other say she came from the coldest part of the world. 

The truth is FrostBite was a real human.  She was in a freak accident.  There was a chemical explosion that turns her into FrostBite. 

She knew that her life that she had was no more.  As she wandered the world, the emptiness that FrostBite felt is darkness.  She

didn’t know where to go and what is her purpose.  Then she met a demon (Cephalic).  He understood her and made her felt comfortable

about who she is.  He said that she needs to talk to another individual. (DrTwitcheS).  When FrostBite finally made contact with

DrTwictheS.  FrostBite told her a demon sent her (Cephalic).  FrostBite asked about the organization called C.H.A.O.S. 

 DrTwitcheS explained it to FrostBite and then FrostBite knew that she what was her purpose was.  Now FrostBite can spread

her darkness and the evilness to who ever want to know about C.H.A.O.S.



Name: Dark blader(Azlor)

Age: unknown

Skills and Powers: Can pass through night and shadows--as well as the ability to feed off the dreams of others, and can walk through them. Taught well in fighting, he uses a varied arsenal and spares no expense, often his foes have little knowledge of their dilemna or what their up against until it's too late. The male elites upon his home planet, learned at a young age the trying, brutal form of fighting 'Dark Trigger'; a form of martial combat, unknown and non-existent to the people of earth--making his prowess original, deadly, and unpredictable.

Criminal History: Tests have shown numberless times that this being is of unknown origins not seen ever before in this world. He comes from a dead planet, deserts and a blistering sun so high a temperature it could literally flay the very flesh from your bones, turning these to ash. As far as he knows, he is the last of his race and has left his home to come upon Earth, ready to start anew on this world plentiful with the bounty of life--ready to take control. 


Real Name: Demon aka Wraith

Age: As old as time itself

Crime History:  Unkown counts of armed robbery, grand theft auto, murder, blackmailing and countless dealings with the black market.

Skills: Hand to hand, stealth, underwater breathing, sniping, summoning creatures from the underworld using Archaic magic, a master of the elemental plains.

Race: Very little is known about who he is or where he came from, all that is known is that he is said to always be armed and completely dangerous--little is known about his other half.

Background History: As the eldest son of a Demon King, Wraith is granted a multitude of powers all by which were his given birthright. As he is still growing day in and day out, Wraith has powers unknown and rarely seen by the likes of man, and even some powers quite possibly even unknown to himself, ones that will slowly grow with time. Though he trusts and respects many at CHAOS his one and only true friend will be the man, the creature known only as Death, for they are one in the same...close like brothers, but different in so many ways. Wraiths greatest saying is "You don't mess with me or my friend, and I don't mess with you, unless I feel like it." which more often then not is chased down with maniacal laughter.


-Thugs, rats, thieves, cat burglars-




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