(Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin)

Rules to live by...


'Although we are an evil organization, granting freedom on almost every level, granting leaneancy--we still have Order, and though the rules are few, they are important--and were not placed on this page simply to make this site seem more official, so listen up!'


1) Golden Rule:

    Never ever, EVER under any circumstances will you concieve or devise some elaborate and complicated death machine, diabolical plan, or torture device to test it out on your arch nemesis, their friends, family, pets--stuffed marmosets--what have you. Acting not as an act of mercy, nor sign of weakness to a bleeding heart--but rather an act of natural intelligence and for god sakes...common sense. Kill your enemies quickly like a cat with a rat, snap the rats fast tamper with the mice later after the rats are dead, a shotgun or basic non-creative weapon works well here. Yes..society has rules, Villians are supposed to be foolish, shallow, conceded, and assured their plan will always work. But as villians of the organization C.H.A.O.S we're truly diabolical and fiendish, we never play by their rules.

2) "Send in the Re-inforcements!!"

   Recruit, recruit, recruit--direct all prospects in my direction.


3) Avoiding Spies, turncoats, and imbeciles...

   A new villian may not join C.H.A.O.S without first being spoken too and studied by a panel of at least two officers and/or Crime Lord and/or Crime Boss--the final ok is made by the Crime Boss, depending on their look, confidence, backstory, or the general adoration for the new member--desiscions will be made on the starting placement of the member.


4) 3 strikes...and your bagged n' tagged, then sent home to mother...

  A member will not be banned on the first offense--a warning will be issued--if it happens twice-a drop in rank will follow immediatley--depending on the severity of the situation--depends on how far you'll drop in rank. The third--banned and possibly executed by firing squad. With the second offense the problem will be brought up with the officers, Crime Lord and Crime Boss. Thugs have no further rank to drop, so simply they will be issued a warning--if the problem persists, they will be kicked..and possibly executed by firing squad.


Thankyou fellow criminals of C.H.A.O.S, Rules are never a fun part to sit through...but without Order their is Chaos...and if all we were was Chaos...there would be no rules, yet at the same time their would be no site, and their would be no syndicate.'

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