(Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin)

Find out where, and


what your rank entails


 Don't like where your at in C.H.A.O.S? Rank yourself up then..



                                                                                   -Crime Boss/Kingpin-

   Often exsists only in rumor--especially to the thugs who often believe the kingpin is merely a figment of imagination--concieved rumors to scare good cops bad, and keep lower criminals in line. The crime boss trusts few--but remains dutifully loyal to those few chosen. A crime Boss hires trustworthy candidates for protection(though often acts simply as a spare kevlar vest, rather then actual protection.) their second in command will be less trustworthy-but will be leader material. Strong, Patient,proud,crafty, and often more cold hearted then the crime boss is. A kingpin cares more for the future of their lifes work then their own lives or reign. Hir or her presence is known to the Henchmen/Assasins-but only speaks on personal terms with their bodyguard, or the officers.



                                                                           -Crime Lord/Chief Advisor-

On an ordinary account their is one exceptional individual that excels over and above the call of duty--powerful enough to even rival that of the Crime Boss. Seeing this powerhouse unfold before them--the kingpin usually befriends them, often untrustworthy and ever wary of them. The Kingpins hire these criminal masterminds knowing well they could easily take control over the operation, if they had the will or wish to do so. Often the voice of the officers to the ears of the Kingpin, they too have little or no contact with the "Thugs". Acting in the crime bosses stead, the Crime Lord would act as the Vice President--should the President die, in steps the Vice President to take control of the situation before it falls too ruin.




Filled with a Cabinet of electives for Crime Lord--these members have excelled to the rank of Officer. Ruling voice for the Henchmen, Assasins, and "Thugs" They are the law holders, the "Policemen/women" of the crime world. Officers hold political power--have roots in the Police departments, the FBI, in the Media, and in the government. They also do some assignements and other scant errands on the side--but not as much as Henchmen or Assasins do.


                                                                                -Personal Bodyguards-

  A lower ranking then Officers but higher then Henchmen and Assasins. Their standing is lower--as they are not always "leaders" which is not always a bad thing. However, they are hard to replace--especially if their good at what they do. They are favored for whatever reasons by the crime boss, and crime lord. Two specific individuals are chosen among the varied elite of Henchmen, Assasins, and Bodyguards to personally serve in the added protection of the crime worlds leaders. Sadly--all too often they become the Scapegoat if a crime is pinned on their Master or Mistress. If needed for a time, three personal bodyguards are excepted..in times of heightened danger there has been claims of even four or five as well.

Crime Boss- ProffesorPlentiaGore+Personal Bodyguard: SniperM

Crime Lord- StephenTSL+Personal Bodyguard:


                                                                           -Henchmen and Assasins-

    From grime to slime, to nothing to something--these members have proven themselves just enough to turn the head of an officer or two. Although just as easy to crack , most of them care more for their own lives then the sucsess of their own family--mainly due to the disdain and jealousy they feel towards their elders. They may feel a slight sense of desperation and hostility knowing only the slight ray of hope that they might rank up again to the title of Officer, or the smaller chance as a personal bodyguard. Often they are headstrong and overtly fearlessfeeling invincible--these feelings however are seen as a weakness and will more then likely destroy a members candacy and social standing within the syndicate. Many of the henchmen are the most cruel toward the lower thugs and petty criminals--even though they hold no power or jurisdiction over them. No matter the line crossed or rule broken--they will be judged the same as their lessers. Though on one hand, if the thugs-should they break rules and devulge secrecy, leaking information and threatening the crime boss or the family--will not be judged by the officers, and will rather simply be hunted down and killed by the henchmen and Assasins. Assasins however have higher ranking then Henchmen--but have lesss infamous qualities and act in secret. If discovered by enemies, they will go to the lengths of taking their own lives, or cutting out their own tongue for the safety of the family.


                                        -"Rats" "Snoops" "Goons" "Shields" "Thugs"-

      Baring little or no standing within the crime syndicate--these petty criminals "are" the scum of the earth, their greatest gift--and only real credit to the family--is acting as the eyes and ears of the crime world. As their offenses are usually so small and so few and far between, the cops as well as any organizations of Heros simply overlook them--this makes them excellent "chameleons" in the society of man. They are the easiest to be beaten down for answers as they can just as easily slink away with only the smallest chance that word of their betrayal reaches the elders. There are times when they don't even wish to be part of the actual family, but are part of the criminal world whether they accept it or not. They never have true contact with the crime boss, and rarely with the Crime Lord--save for initiation. If brought before the big boss, it is a very very good thing...or a very very bad thing, something so influential it could very well change the course of everything. Being brought before the kingpin means you had to have done something that turned their head in attention. Thugs are no more then a number--and have no real respective title--rather just nicknames, their are some exceptions...some rats are granted an identity in some cases.

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