(Cryptic Haven of Anguish, Order, and Sin)

Sadly this is a bit of a popularity contest--but luckily you don't need to be Captain of the varsity football team to win, listen up...


1) When you recruit someone, if your not introducing them too me or my sibling ManaDix yourself--make sure they know to tell me that it was you who sent and recruited them so we might give proper credit where it is due.

2) It doesn't hurt to suck up--or bribe, I as well as any other criminal is often a greedy sort, even in the smallest degree--this is also a good way to make a start.

3) Be responsive--your ability to act quickly and deliver, and complete objectives or tasks when given by an officer, or by one of the bosses--scores many points.

4) We have a way of knowing just how "evil" you seem upon meeting you, about how well you carry yourself--how you adress your elders--etc, etc.

5) One of the biggest and easiest way to Rank up...

                          Be active, the more your on--the more you get to know everyone in the family shows that your an active member and that you are actually interested in C.H.A.O.S



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